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Utility bill analysis

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We work on a contingency fee basis. If we are able to identify savings or refund opportunities for you, we share those savings and/or refunds with you.

 "What have you got to lose?" After our detailed analysis and on-site work has been completed we will provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings. The worst that can come of our analysis is that we determine that you are already paying the least amount possible for your utilities. Wouldn't that add some peace of mind? At least you wouldn't have to worry that there may be something better for you out there.

Our staff has been studying utility rates and tariffs since 1993. We understand the utility companies and how they work.

We have an extensive database of similar types of properties so we can compare your usage to the "norm" and help determine if your usage patterns are within range.

Types of properties

        Car dealers                        Hotels/motels                         Restaurants        
        Apartment complexes         Condominium associations        Mobile home parks
        Bank branches                    Nursing homes                        Hospitals
        Retail                                Warehouse                            Manufacturing

        Basically any type of property that is responsible for paying utility expenses.

Companies how big or small?
We work on single, stand alone properties, franchises or chains, and everywhere in between.
Utilities that we analyze
Water, Sewer, Garbage, Electric, Gas, Telephone


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