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     (1) All utility bills are correct,
     (2) Everyone pays the same,
     (3) There is nothing you can do to lower your rates.

If you agree with those three statements you are wrong on all three accounts! The utilities are required to give you the lowest rate that you qualify for, if you can find it. The key is that you have to figure out your best rate and then ask for it! You probably do not have the time, inclination, resources, or experience to do this by yourself.

That is why we are here. We are utility rate and tariff experts! 

First, we make sure that you have what you are paying for. Second, we make sure that you are using what you have. Third, we look at your past bills, take them apart, compare them to the tariffs and ordinances that the utilities have to follow, put them back together and determine if there are any errors where we can obtain refunds for you. Fourth, we look at your past usage patterns and determine if we can buy your current usage’s at a better rate.


Utility (water, sewer, garbage, electric, gas, telephone) billing analysis
Do you even understand the codes and associated costs itemized on your utility bills? We do! We will analyze your utility usage patterns and utility billings for accuracy and look for opportunities to save you money due to over-billings and rate plan changes. Click here for more information on these opportunities.
Water Conservation is for everyone
Water conservation saves you money and is good for the environment. You owe it to yourself to consider these excellent products. Click here for more information on saving water and dollars.
Natural Gas cost reduction

Did you know that you may have opportunities to reduce your natural gas costs by buying from a different supplier? Click here for more information on this opportunity.

Voice and data telecommunication cost reduction

Are you tired of the hassles of dealing with your current local or long distance voice or data telephone companies? Other opportunities abound! Click here for more information on saving communication dollars.


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